Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today went out to starbucks @ suntec to study Emaths with my classmates

D= ~ matrix is a killer
1 step wrong and your WHOLE ANSWER will be wrong~

well at least today's mugging session helped mi improve my matrix
and after see ing others de Wtorial work.~ i realize that i'm LAGGING FAR beind!

sigh, these few days my throat isnt well.
i guess its because of the "heaty" foods that i eat and not having enuff slp =X

Monday, November 3, 2008


TWT~ been to lazy to update my blog recently~
i shall just blog about what i did today~short and simple~
Woke up at noon ( yeah noon ~ imma lazy pig =D)
Javan ask for draft dota~
he manage to find some of his class mate and a NAN HUA secondary school friend to play draft today~!
EFFCOM for sec sch any 1? ( not fair rite only poly student go thru this crappy course)
Freaking stupid bunch of kids playing draft. No idea on what to ban and draft yet wan to kpkb =.= i think they dun even know half/most of what javan suggested came from mi. I'm not pro myself but at LEAST I OFFER DECENT SUGGESTIONS.
That match was quite even at the start. But as soon as javan got dc ( due to nagging from mom) the match simply went down hill~ i think i dun have to explain why.

After that faithful game . i decide to pack my rooms~ after much nagging from my parents
When i was packing i tot i lost my maybelline foundation D=~
Lucky i found it later on xD~

after packing i tried on my Domon kasshu top and shirt =.=~ the shirt which cause 3 dollars
is OMFG big .
Sigh...... i need to sew sew and sew ...

After packing~ i swept the house and mopped it~

took mi about 3 hrs? or so? i finished every thing around 8pm

Then went to kfc for dinner with my bro.
I got serve by this small kid ( YES KID AGAIN) . i could tell that he's new because from the way and the speed he serve the costumers infront of mi.
After a long wait. It's finally my turn to order.
Handed him the buddy meal coupon.He went to get the chicken/burgers , took him quite a while as he was asking his seniors about something ( i was quite pissed as he's really slow and I'M VERY HUNGRY)
Then he press the dispenser for the first cup of root beer.
The senior came to as per requested.
that kid actions were fast but clumsy he almost knock down a stack of papaer plates =.= just by lifting a tray.
The place the drink on the tray ( notes 1 drink)
HEre comes the RETARDED PART

senior : today alot of change hur?
Boy : ya
**notice that my change is 3 dollar**
senior :u do things relax dun need to so fast
Boy : must fast later queue LONG
**the boy starts to pick out TEN 10cent COINS*

Hur WTFFFF. ur god damn cheeky~

seeing that it's most likely his first day/week into the job~ i think shld just let it go.


i had stick my hand to the dispenser and take the drink my self
as DUMB and dumber stare at the cashier machine.

clementi branch kfc's service and food had just hit a new low.....



My stories~~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hmm i think i slacking off too much

i think i haven been doing alot of house chores lately
i really shld help out more with house chores @.@~

last sat when to stjh chalet~
met up with the spf group
was fun~

sunday rotted at home doing my ppt for comskill lesson and dota the whole day~

monday when to uncle's house on my way there so some china peeps filming a show i think.

AFA status


totally no idea on what to do on day 1 Z_Z
day two is more or less confirmed to be domon kasshu and wee i using my own hair~!
save money no need to buy wig =X

let's hope so =.=~

Friday, October 24, 2008

fook sbs transit

damn~ it
my STUDENT EZLINK CARD still not ready
most of my friends got them already

damn damn
i need the student concession~ TWT
then for mi to get my Emaths text books and stuff~

after sch ~ when to tamp mall with class mate for lunch
then met up with may, javan ,kim and rinne
when there got a few box "present" for stjh's bday@.@~
i had lots of fun using my português~ accent~ LOL~

ai maam De português~ si enlissh iish Vary Purfct~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sch like is TOO DAMN EARLY FOR me~

haix IT SUCKS TO live FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR away from your sch
it really sucks

every week i have to squeeze with the morning crowd in the mrt while i'm feeling damn sleepy

After four days in sch~
i cant help but feel that Tp's poly life is very" hectic " ~
so different from the ite life that's i'm used to.
Every LECTURER is reminding us MON is public holiday We gonna miss some lesson. WE need make up lesson blah blah blah~
geez~ makes mi feel so stress out~

Lectures in sch are as usual boring at times~
nothing interesting

- shorts~
-Skinny jeans
-A new bag
-colored contact lens
-normal contact lens

here's pictures of the boat that are made in apel's class

i totally phail ~ at it

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emaths day

Today haix~ was lecture and tutorial day~12 -4
it started with mi leaving house at around 1020am
like wth~ when i reach tp it was like 1150
CRAp no time for lunch!!( i should really bring lunch box from now onwards)
so i went thru the first 2 lec with a hungry stomach D=
topics were emaths linear equations etcetc , binaries and resistor color codes.
after the first two lec
i finally got a chance to go the ENG canteen to get some snacK~

the last two tutorial was ok~
basically just some recaps~
After lesson when to get my ns crap and submit the giro form

headed by to the west.Met up with my bro
and together we went to jurong east.
I tried to ask for my student ez-link card again AND WTFoook it's not ready AGAInAGAINAGAIN ( at least this time around the kind lady gave mi a hotline to call b4 i come down)

When to IMM daiso ~ after that~
and got 5 items
White belt
stick foundation
liquid concealor
and a B5 foam case

Ate dinner @ mac in IMM

lastly when down to JEL
and borrowed The twelve kingdoms english novel~
@.@ took mi quite sometime to find it~ due to the confusing layout of the way day arrange their books.

Monday, October 20, 2008

First day of skool

First day of skooool~ ANNnnnD
i was late. dispite having morning calls i still end up being late.
First lesson was lab D= the guy hu interview me b4 i was enrolled LOL~

Lessons today for me were Lab,lec,lec,Lab.
The content that were touched don't really interests mi D=~ but i still have to study them T___T
only noticeable lecturer was the Amaths de~ a funny middle age guy.~ he even has msn Worh~
Food was cheap at tp canteens but the serving are quite small ~
And i got the toolbox that i order.Like BLOODYHELL all the ITEM inside i can get if for ALOT LOWER/FREE From the warehouse i used to work at IT's PURE SCAM CAUSE IT COST FREAKING 70++ DOLLARS.
well at least today

ming wei and jiawen had a uber funny conversation that makes mi and francis LAught like t3h m@d

Ming : Woa? alot guys sms u hor?
jiawen : ?? WHY the sms KEEP coming In WHAT!
Ming : wa Alot guys seems to msg u?
jiawen: no la all this are online friends from audi and maple
Ming : wa That means those guys are trying to woo you izzit?
Ming : wait THEY trying to woot u? Do day noe how u look like?

like OMG direct insult thrown @ jiawen face ! ROFl.~
francis and i were like WA . this guy is damn direct!! amazing!

hai~ all of a sudden i feel that i'm really short in cash
the transport fees , cosplay plans~ are really stretching my wallet.

Do to list
1) shape eye brows
2)mayb get a ear piercing?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

volunteering work @National Museum

Today i went to do volunteering work for old folks at Singapore national museum organized by smu students and the lion ( dunno what) organization . Got to know this thru deypherus's sgcafe thread.
Among the volunteers there were 3 ite student, 2 thais ,1 china , afew sgcafers! and the rest are mostly frds of the smu peeps.

the old folks kinda makes mi miss my grandma hu's currently staying with my uncle TWT~

the day's program was like this

Ice-breaking Activities
 Greetings and Other Useful Expressions in Different Languages/Dialects
 How to Care and Show Concern for the Elderly
 Briefing for the Outing/Dinner
 To National Museum
 Dinner
 Presentation of Daily Food Necessities to the Elderly

After we wave fare well to the old folks.
Went to sunshine plaza and bugis's pastamania for dinner( yes i ate dinner twice) with the sgcafers.After dinner headed down to bugis' arcade then went home and ate dinner again ( yes i ate dinner thrice).

School gonna start T.T~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

woots~ new blog

School is gonna start soon! Like OMG i have to go west life ( coast to coast) every day for sch D=
my orientation was like one hell of a crazy ~ i know i can be lame at times but seriously tp's engineering's sch i way WAYWAYWAYWAY too "high"
My classmates were mostly, foreigner and ite grats~
There's afew of them who are of the same age as mi~ ( woots i'm not old~)

Here's two pictures from day 2 of my orientation.( HOMG i LOOK GAY!!!!!!!!!!)

After the orientation day 2 ended~ Went to tamp bus interchange like wut3hfook. Still cant get my student ez-link TWT i need t3h mrt concession badly!
And i still have reset my student email's password. Tp's portal when i access it at home it's like !OMFGBBQsIBUAYBUAYTAHAN de slow.

sigh. i got afeeelinggg that i'm gonna do very badly in my course LOL~! ( fingers crossed)

In the evening i meet up with gary,justice,javan and yaoi~
and went present shopping
and poor javan got "suan" all the way in the evening
after that ta baoed Bk for my bro as dinner

Now back to cosplay status for AFA 08


Wig - haven place order
Jacket - Half done
green long sleeve shirt - all i can find are those for females @.@
belt and skinny jeans - No done
cape and pin - Haven even source for material
glove - same as cape and pin
shoe - hmm i think i'm gonna cosF in this part lololol

from the looks of it i really need to move my lazy butt and sadly my lazy wallet D=~

-off to revive my cbox-