Saturday, October 18, 2008

woots~ new blog

School is gonna start soon! Like OMG i have to go west life ( coast to coast) every day for sch D=
my orientation was like one hell of a crazy ~ i know i can be lame at times but seriously tp's engineering's sch i way WAYWAYWAYWAY too "high"
My classmates were mostly, foreigner and ite grats~
There's afew of them who are of the same age as mi~ ( woots i'm not old~)

Here's two pictures from day 2 of my orientation.( HOMG i LOOK GAY!!!!!!!!!!)

After the orientation day 2 ended~ Went to tamp bus interchange like wut3hfook. Still cant get my student ez-link TWT i need t3h mrt concession badly!
And i still have reset my student email's password. Tp's portal when i access it at home it's like !OMFGBBQsIBUAYBUAYTAHAN de slow.

sigh. i got afeeelinggg that i'm gonna do very badly in my course LOL~! ( fingers crossed)

In the evening i meet up with gary,justice,javan and yaoi~
and went present shopping
and poor javan got "suan" all the way in the evening
after that ta baoed Bk for my bro as dinner

Now back to cosplay status for AFA 08


Wig - haven place order
Jacket - Half done
green long sleeve shirt - all i can find are those for females @.@
belt and skinny jeans - No done
cape and pin - Haven even source for material
glove - same as cape and pin
shoe - hmm i think i'm gonna cosF in this part lololol

from the looks of it i really need to move my lazy butt and sadly my lazy wallet D=~

-off to revive my cbox-

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