Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emaths day

Today haix~ was lecture and tutorial day~12 -4
it started with mi leaving house at around 1020am
like wth~ when i reach tp it was like 1150
CRAp no time for lunch!!( i should really bring lunch box from now onwards)
so i went thru the first 2 lec with a hungry stomach D=
topics were emaths linear equations etcetc , binaries and resistor color codes.
after the first two lec
i finally got a chance to go the ENG canteen to get some snacK~

the last two tutorial was ok~
basically just some recaps~
After lesson when to get my ns crap and submit the giro form

headed by to the west.Met up with my bro
and together we went to jurong east.
I tried to ask for my student ez-link card again AND WTFoook it's not ready AGAInAGAINAGAIN ( at least this time around the kind lady gave mi a hotline to call b4 i come down)

When to IMM daiso ~ after that~
and got 5 items
White belt
stick foundation
liquid concealor
and a B5 foam case

Ate dinner @ mac in IMM

lastly when down to JEL
and borrowed The twelve kingdoms english novel~
@.@ took mi quite sometime to find it~ due to the confusing layout of the way day arrange their books.

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