Monday, October 20, 2008

First day of skool

First day of skooool~ ANNnnnD
i was late. dispite having morning calls i still end up being late.
First lesson was lab D= the guy hu interview me b4 i was enrolled LOL~

Lessons today for me were Lab,lec,lec,Lab.
The content that were touched don't really interests mi D=~ but i still have to study them T___T
only noticeable lecturer was the Amaths de~ a funny middle age guy.~ he even has msn Worh~
Food was cheap at tp canteens but the serving are quite small ~
And i got the toolbox that i order.Like BLOODYHELL all the ITEM inside i can get if for ALOT LOWER/FREE From the warehouse i used to work at IT's PURE SCAM CAUSE IT COST FREAKING 70++ DOLLARS.
well at least today

ming wei and jiawen had a uber funny conversation that makes mi and francis LAught like t3h m@d

Ming : Woa? alot guys sms u hor?
jiawen : ?? WHY the sms KEEP coming In WHAT!
Ming : wa Alot guys seems to msg u?
jiawen: no la all this are online friends from audi and maple
Ming : wa That means those guys are trying to woo you izzit?
Ming : wait THEY trying to woot u? Do day noe how u look like?

like OMG direct insult thrown @ jiawen face ! ROFl.~
francis and i were like WA . this guy is damn direct!! amazing!

hai~ all of a sudden i feel that i'm really short in cash
the transport fees , cosplay plans~ are really stretching my wallet.

Do to list
1) shape eye brows
2)mayb get a ear piercing?

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