Sunday, October 19, 2008

volunteering work @National Museum

Today i went to do volunteering work for old folks at Singapore national museum organized by smu students and the lion ( dunno what) organization . Got to know this thru deypherus's sgcafe thread.
Among the volunteers there were 3 ite student, 2 thais ,1 china , afew sgcafers! and the rest are mostly frds of the smu peeps.

the old folks kinda makes mi miss my grandma hu's currently staying with my uncle TWT~

the day's program was like this

Ice-breaking Activities
 Greetings and Other Useful Expressions in Different Languages/Dialects
 How to Care and Show Concern for the Elderly
 Briefing for the Outing/Dinner
 To National Museum
 Dinner
 Presentation of Daily Food Necessities to the Elderly

After we wave fare well to the old folks.
Went to sunshine plaza and bugis's pastamania for dinner( yes i ate dinner twice) with the sgcafers.After dinner headed down to bugis' arcade then went home and ate dinner again ( yes i ate dinner thrice).

School gonna start T.T~

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